Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Experience versus reality, the influence of travel on the imagination

Travel poses a series of questions to the existence of the body in space and to the reality of time and distance. It asks the mind to understand different realities, store them as memories and user them in the future as subconscious knowledge and intuitive means of reasoning, creating and thinking.
"I do not write because I think. I think because I write."
"I do not draw because I think. I think because I draw."
In both instances, a search through words, lines, shapes, etc., results in an accumulation of process and creation. Writing an essay on an experience should reflect an introspection, a digression, a revelation. A narrative reveals a diary-like approach to recalling the events of a period of time. By looking into these narratives, you may extract words that might develop your subconscious ideas of the place. Why did you keep writing "hidden?" Why did you keep talking abou t the group? Whey did you use the word "transparent?" How does writing itself create an idea that might evolve into a written work?

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Yoshie said...

Hi Chelsea, I might misunderstand your idea, but let me say something.

Language is a set of symbols or signs, which is made with lines or shapes. It is the most inventive tools of communication in our society. Because of developing of language, we do not necessary to draw our feeling and thought on a paper. If drawing is called art, language should also called art because it is just symbols and signs which imply some meanings. Since writing is a set of language, it is also art.

language is a very ambiguous since we perceive it differently and it is the form of art(sighs and symbols) So, if the accumulation of obscure language is writing, it is very obscure.

Even though experience might be the same such as we all went to the outer Cape Cod, individual perception is quite different and some of perceptions will go beyond and might become unconscious.
We can not share the true and real feeling and thought through the writing even own self because we do not know what is unconscious. We can share or know them only through art (symbols, signs) in writing.

So, I believe lots of experience will bring us imagination and consideration and sensation which help us to interact with writing (art)!